Thursday, August 20, 2009

Is that Your Hair???

It’s not so much about the weave. I think we put too much emphasis on the hair you buy. Don’t get me wrong buying the right type of weave is extremely important. But what’s more important is that you should know what type of hair YOU have.

The whole point in having weave, is to create an illusion. The fantasy of becoming someone else; just by changing your hair. Adding weave should take strain off your natural hair, add some body or color, ya know. But this grand idea can go wrong very quickly.
I’m so tired of seeing weaves that just don’t even make sense!! Textures not matching, colors not blending…just not even caring about the whole illusion idea. You gotta treat the weave like your baby, protect it and nourish it. If the hair from your head doesn’t grow like a woman from India…can you really use Indian hair??!

Ummmm…some can, some I’m not so sure. If you’re going to nourish your hair and make it blend in than yes, you can. I don’t mean when your stylist does it, I mean in between visits. Are you going to maintain the look?? I’m gonna say NO because I’m thinking this must be when I’m running into yall heifers in the streets. Cause I’m not seeing it! Remember she [the weave] is your baby. You must nourish her…brush her!! You gotta brush her, and brush yours while you at it. The more expensive the hair, the better the brand…then the less you should have to brush it all through the day. But sometimes we gotta fake it until we make. So if your brand is cheaper in cost and quality. Love it!! Own it and brush it! In the morning (and yes every morning) prep it for the day, each afternoon we do 3:00 brush hour. That’s mean at 3:00, we brushing!! And don’t forget to pull that shedding hair from the weave, that’s horrible. Ladies with weaves should have a ‘weave buddy’, this is someone that is around you often…she may even work with you. She will tell you when you need to take a brush break, water break (wet ‘n’ wavy weave) or “my track is showing” break.

I totally recommend sew-ins; it takes the pressure off your hair. But be sure not to leave too much of your hair out. Then that defeats the purpose. And if you sew it all up…well now, aint that a wig?! That’s like making a stripper wear a turtle neck to work??! Exactly!! But most important just make sure the texture blend well sisters. Know your limits and understand if your hair is not silky…you probably shouldn’t do silky weave! OKAY!! And if your response to this is, ‘you’ll do what you want’ or ‘I bought it, its mine’, then please stop wearing weave and f*cking it up for the rest of us divas!!

Women of ethnicities other than black, weave can be your friend too! But keep the color of your roots updated and your hair washed! And yes, your hair must blend too!! Trust and believe you’re not fooling anyone w/hair strands made by the same company that makes Barbie’s hair. Keep in mind, Barbie’s hair color, as far as I know, is not sold in stores yet, so come on ladies at least try!! It’d look just as nice to go darker on the bottom, that should look nice on…try it.
So the lesson for today is everyone has an inner diva…let your weave inspire her!! And when in doubt…do not believe ANYTHING the lady behind the counter says, you should know better!!


Do Women Really Listen???

As women, we often complain about our man not listening enough. But do we really listen? I hear so often us [women] b*tching and complaining about such simple issues. We tell ourselves and our friends that it’s the “principle”. Is it really? Or are we just so caught up on things being “our way or the highway”?

Are we really wholehearted in these relationships? We say we are. We tell our friends we are. But is this all a game that we’re playing? All a bed of lies? Or are these really the games of love that we play with each other’s hearts??
Ask yourself. When’s the last time you sat and listened to your man? Actually asked him, how was “his” day? Told him you love him. Asked him what some of his favorites??
Do this, not because you want him to ask you, but because you’re really concerned! Listen to one of his problems, without nagging about how he should resolve it and telling him what he NEEDS to do.

Oh??! You say you ask him all the time?? Oh, yea cause that’s how sweet of a girl/woman you are right?!! LOL, don’t flatter yourself honey!
See as women, though we don’t admit it. We play a lot of games. We think we’re all masters of the mind. We’re all psychologist when it comes to love, but if this were true, we’d all be happy. Right?!

Don’t get me wrong, guys have plenty of fault too; and though some games are needed, at some point you have to be truthful. If you want true love, you must be true. You must be willing to give in and play fair. The heart knows what it wants, so you’ll know when to let your guard down.

So give it a try. Give in to your man, open your ears…and listen. Don’t speak…just listen and soon you’ll know more than enough about him and how to get his heart.